| one very special picture from hubby to finish the book |
Rochelle’s Official Birthday Book, 2014 .

So, I know everyone is always eager for pics of the birthday book every year, and I do usually take a lot more than I did this year but this year I simply ran out of time. The day before the book was due to be given to Rochelle, I worked 12 hours straight on it with just 30 minutes sleep, 2 hours on a train and an extra hour in costa just 40 minutes before she was meant to receive it. It was tight to say the least. :’) There are pages from every single section of the book (not all of them are included so if you dont see your contribution, dont worry, i just didnt manage to get a pic of it) - i also didnt take pics of the ‘How Rochelle Helped me’ page because some of the messages were quite personal and I didnt want to upset or offend anyone. 

HUGE thank you to @jodierrthesats and @Mxy_RH for their massive amounts of help this year, very much appreciated when we were so pushed for time! And, as ever, thank you for all of your contributions, big or small! Rochelle loved the book, she posted a picture on her IG (link here ) and also thanked us too many times to count when we gave it to her in person, she was so excited! 

Hope you enjoy the pics, until next year- @hannanar x

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Reminder of what the 2013 Birthday Book turned out like...
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